Techweld® Tungsten Electrode Grinders TEG-3

Long Life Diamond Grinding Wheels

Tungsten Electrode Grinder ‘Long Life’ Diamond Grinding Wheels for our ‘unique’ model TEG-3 continue to be available as replacements.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® pioneered the use of Tungsten Electrode Grinding machines in the 1970’s because of our knowledge behind the science of the welding arc and the need for a consistently and correctly ground tungsten electrode.

Since then the market place has become saturated with a plethora of different machines and our machine design is no longer viable in the market place.

Due to the fact that the Techweld® Tungsten Electrode Grinders TEG-3 are unique to Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, the grinding wheels were specifically developed by HFT® to produce long lasting and long life results.

Therefore, we will continue to support the product with ongoing supply and availablity of Replacement ‘Long Life’ Diamond Grinding Wheels.

These Replacement ‘Long Life’ Diamond Grinding Wheels are available for immediate delivery and will always be available to all our customers via ourselves and our Worldwide Distributor Network.


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