Metron Welding Services is ISO accredited [ISO 9001:2015 ]. We specialise in the supply of welding equipment and are the sole Irish distributor for Lincoln Electric the worlds largest manufacturer of welding equipment. We operate the Lincoln Electric guaranteed cost reduction programme and are supply partners for major civil and structural engineering projects.



Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, multi-process welders.




Lincoln Electric offer a detailed range of Plasma Cutting systems, from manual/portable to workshop profilers and robotic plasma processers.



Part of the Lincoln Electric programme is a comprehensive range of mechanized, automated and robitic welding solutions.



As the global need for skilled welders continues to increase, Lincoln Electric and the James F. Lincoln Foundation believe that the key is education.  From course material to training machinery to welding simulators, we will continue to develop opportunities for learners and educators.


Axxair is asserting itself today as an essential player in the French and global market in the manufacture of Orbital Cutting, Orbital Bevelling, Tube Squaring, and Orbital Welding Machinery. Aware of the major challenge in terms of technical development, Axxair very quickly set up its own Design Office to meet the highly specialised demands of the market. This success is in no small part due to its family character, its emphasis on development, its technical skills and its network of experienced distributors.


Gas purging equipment for food and pharma welding processes, high purity and ultra high purity welding. HFT offer the latest in purging, back-purging and atmospheric control systems.  Metron offers the full range of HFT Oxygen(PPM) monitors, purging sytems and standard pipe stoppers and pressure testing bungs, alongside a full range of Pipe Freezing equipment.


Pipe Cutting, Bevelling and Squaring machinery. GBC offer a robust and diverse range of equipment centred around pipe preparation with portable units for on-site work, and workshop plant for high volume production.    Pipe Clamping, Positioning, Transport and Measurment tools.  Clamshell Cutting machines (using constant contact cutters) from GBC provide dry-cutting options for a broad range of materials on-site or in workshop.


MG Welding offer Pipe Rotators, Vessel Rotators, Welding Positioners, Column & Boom systems and Turntables.


Tri Tool is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools for pipe bevelling, tube squaring and severing, clamshells for in-line cutting, and flange facing equipment. Tri Tool also produces heavy-duty pipeline machinery, provides custom machinery design and manufacturing, on-site machining and welding services, and Tri Tool equipment rental options.


Gas control systems for manual and automated cutting and welding systems. Harris Gas range provides the highest build quality regulators & cutting/welding torches for all types of industrial gas control in the welding arena.


Liburdi Automation is a manufacturer of high precision, vision based LAWS, Dabber and Pulsweld power sources, multi-axes articulated motion systems. Providing specialized technologies, systems and services for the energy, aerospace and nuclear industries.