Argweld® PurgEye® 600 ‘All in One’ Weld Purge Monitor®

All this… in one Instrument!

t’s here, brilliant new technology, the best ‘Eye’ on your purge, at a stunningly attractive price! The Argweld® Purgeye® 600 Weld Purge Monitor® is the first computerised, colour touch screen, ‘State of the Art’ Weld Purge Monitor® to accurately read oxygen levels in the welding environment. This one monitor alone reads all the way from atmospheric concentration (20.94%) right down to 10 ppm.

Computerised Colour Touch Screen

The unique PurgEye® 600 Weld Purge Monitor® has broken all technological boundaries and will read from 20.94% right down to 10 ppm.

With the ever more stringent quality control standards being applied to the welding of titanium, nickel alloys, stainless and duplex steels in aerospace, offshore, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, semi conductor, bio-technical fields etc, it has been necessary to develop an attractively priced Weld Purge Monitor® that will read from atmospheric oxygen levels down to 10 ppm.

This colour touch screen ‘State of the Art’ instrument is the first to be available in the market place to accurately read oxygen levels in the weld environment from atmosphere (20.94%) down to 10 ppm in a single instrument.

The Argweld® PurgEye® 600 has data logging capability that allows the operator to download data via a USB port onto a memory stick obviating the need of a computer connection.

Not only have we been able to achieve these terrific World beating features, but in addition, we have included an internal sampling pump, switching capacity for external devices and a long life sensor.

All at a stunningly attractive price for this single wide range instrument.


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