Argweld® Mark V Weld Purge Monitor®

Update Mark V to PurgEye® 100 IP65 Weld Purge Monitor®

Argweld® Mark V Weld Purge Monitor®  Out of Date and Updated

Argweld® PurgEye® 100 IP65 NEW Features:

• Push button ‘Auto Calibration’ feature
• Low Battery Indicator
• Low Sensor Indicator
• Enlarged Screen and Larger Digits
• Tripod Mount
• Increased Sensor Reading Range
• Wrist and Neck Carry Strap
• Protective Rubber Housing (optional accessory)
• Automatic Sleep Mode when not in use
• Leak-Tight Stainless Steel Probe and Gas Hose Asssembly
• Quick connect/disconnect Fittings for gas purge tubing

This very affordable hand held instrument is a must for every construction site and pipework fabrication facility around the World.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® was the first company to have invented and developed a Weld Purge Monitor® in the 1970’s establishing a trademark that has become synonymous with weld purging of pipes, tanks, vessels and more. Registered Trademarks in USA and Europe.

All Weld Purge Monitor® manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are internationally recognised as premier day to day Weld Purge Monitor® and have become standard oxygen measuring instruments in the industry.

The Company has continued to innovate year by year bringing to the market place a complete family of weld purge monitoring instruments for other materials including duplex, nickel and cobalt steels, titanium and other reactive alloys.

All models in the Family Range of Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitor® are available for immediate delivery.

Rather than putting your told style Mark V, Mark IV or even a Mark III in the bin (trash), use our Exchange/Replacement Scheme.  Return out of date old monitors to us, even other types of oxygen monitoring instruments (which are not ideally suitable for weld purging).  Our scheme allows you to exchange them for the latest technology in Weld Purge Monitor®, a PurgEye 100 IP65.


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