Accu-Freeze™ Automatic Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing Systems

Freeze it and make your Pipe Repair Easy!

Accu-Freeze™, the controlled liquid nitrogen (LN2) pipe freezing system is a method to freeze stationary liquids in a selected section of a pipe or tubing. It is the World’s only patented, digitally controlled pipe freezing system thus allowing you to accurately and safety create an ice plug.

By controlling the surface temperature of the pipe, Accu-Freeze™ can safely and accurately form an in-line ice plug, capable of withstanding 138 bar (2000 Psi) in pipes up to 12″ (300 mm diameter).

The Major Advantages of Accu-Freeze™

The Accu-Freeze™ temporary plug isolates the section of pipe or tube, allowing repairs or modifications to be made without shutting off or draining the entire system.

The major advantages of an Accu-Freeze™ System are:

  • Saves valuable time normally lost draining and refilling a system.
  • Avoids complete shutdown of systems and equipment.
  • Prevents waste of large amounts of water.
  • Eliminates handling of contaminated water.
  • Is safe and cost effective.
  • Can be controlled from a remote location.
  • LN2 delivery system is notably colder than other refrigerants.
  • Standard products to suit pipe and tube sizes up to 12″ (300 mm).
  • Capability of automatically controlling the freeze temperature.
  • Has a LN2 delivery, which is more cost effective than other refrigeration systems.

Accu-Freeze™ Key Features

HFT Pipestoppers Accu Freeze Pipe Freezing Systems Plugs StoppersThe ice plug only forms beneath the Accu-Freeze™ coil wrap, jacket or aluminium clam jacket which is used on a 6 – 12″ (150 to 300 mm) pipe or tube and does not expand outside of the range of jacket or coil.

An ice plug is formed by wrapping copper tubing or specially designed insulated jacket around the section of pipe to be frozen. The LN2 is then injected through the patented control system.

The water or other liquid in the pipe or tube needs to be in a static condition (no flow). The Accu-Freeze™ wrap is placed around the pipe up stream from the section to be repaired.

Accu-Freeze™ takes over by automatically injecting the LN2 to a temperature set by the user through the system over the in-line ice plug. Once the plug is formed, maintenance and repair can take place without draining or shutting off the entire system.

Each unit can be set to 220 V or 110 V and a working scale of oC or oF.

Optional aluminium jackets are available.



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